You Grow What You Feed

I was watching Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class, and the lesson was about Gratitude.  I was spellbound and captivated and walked away changed. I thought I had lived my life with a positive attitude and optimistically but I realized I had a lot to learn. So I have decided to live my life with the new motto…

My Attitude is Gratitude.

I have decided to do a Gratitude Journal…

One that I hope many other people will participate with me also…

I will be posting each day something I am grateful for and hope that others will post what they are grateful for… just one thing daily…

I hope that during the dark days when our struggles to be positive is hard, we will be able to come here and read what WE have written and be able to take our self back to that place of time… and it gives us the strength to move forward.

To New Beginnings…

When you change you expectations to appreciation, your world changes instantly…..

Today I am grateful for the social media that has brought such wonderful human beings into my life that have not only touched my heart but have changed my soul…

Choose Joy


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