Friendships That Grow Into Love

Today is May 2, 2012

I awoke to the sun shining and the dogs snoring and a man curled up against me. A man I have known all my life. Who I ran into the house crying at the age of eight telling my mother he hit me with a football, my mother’s reply… that just means he likes you. Who stood there and watched me drive off with his “baby” leaving him at the soda shop because my best friend dared me to (the age of 15). Who held me when I cried from the depths of my soul when my best friend died at the age of 16. Who I comforted months later when his best friend died. Who has always been there for me to the best of his ability. Who I still “like” after all these years. I am grateful for friendships that grow into love then grow into  a life lasting friendship.

I love you, Ronnie

Today I am grateful for little boys with footballs who grow up to be kind loving men.


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