Bad luck or Lady luck?

Two years ago I got a cell phone plan with five phones on it… all five the exact phone, plan and insurance.

Well I dropped my phone busting the headset part of the phone. It was my source of amusement and aggravation for several days.

It was funny when the phone rang and I had no way of answering it, but was aggravating not being able to contact anyone or have anyones number.

Of course I am trying to get with the “times” and all my numbers are stored ONLY in my phone.

Well I call the nice people to get my phone replaced by my insurance plan. Only to be told that out of all my phones, MINE is the only one with no insurance and I will have to buy a replacement phone. Well I was not a happy camper, and tried my best to “make” them replace my phone. No luck since I have had the phone over 6 months. Well I was just plan frustrated with the whole ordeal, that I wanted a few days before driving 30 plus miles to go to the phone store to “buy” my new phone. Of course I told Chris, about having insurance on all the phones BUT this one… he was kind and sympathetic but I was still out of luck!

The phones I have is a phone and also a two-way radio. I was going to see if I could get an up to date phone, you know with a “keyboard”. Well I looked and looked but due to the fact that I am unable to look down, means I would have to hold the phone up to key or read the screen, you see my “old” phone is perfect because you don’t have to look at it to operate it!

Well I found one and tried it out, I have so much bone fusion and growth around a metal plate in my neck that it is beginning to compromise my windpipe. I can do a really cool trick, when I lift my arms up, my face goes red, due to lack of oxygen. ( Self strangulation)  So the key board was out.

In the mean time Chris, comes up and says.. You are in luck! I am? Yeah okay let me hear this.

He says yesterday was your two-year contract and you are eligible for an upgrade. Hmm sounds like a trick to me!

Well while he was checking to find a phone just like mine, he learned that mine would become obsolete in August of this year, and I would have to get an upgrade or different type of phone.

So I was able to get a better and brand new phone for the same amount my insurance would have charged me for a refurbished phone, plus I wouldn’t be paying for a replacement phone then in two months or so have to buy an upgraded phone, and know now to get ready to replace all my phones with the new ones,

So was it bad luck or lady luck? I guess it is just a matter of perception. Today I am grateful for luck.


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