Love Heals All Things

Once upon a time, in a land of heat and dryness there lived a woman. She wasn’t a princess or a queen or anything but she was special just the same.

See this woman had perseverance. She had been through the wringer. You name it she had fought it. Her battles were many and she had the battle scars to prove it. But no matter what she went through, she never hardened her heart.

She cried out, “God why me? Why this?” But God knew she knew that his plan was greater than her desires.

Now something else this woman was going through was an attack. An attack on a grand scale. When you do good, evil comes against you. You never know from where it comes but it does.

She tried to steel herself against this but it hurt her heart. She cared so much yet all they saw was someone doing stuff to make a name for herself. She scoffed, but yet it pierced her like a knife.

Her friends supported her, stood up for her and made known their opinions. The evil lashed out even harder. So they prayed.

“Dear Lord. Please take this burden from her.”

But it continued. So instead they prayed,” Dear Lord. Make her strong. Make her heart whole again. Make her burdens lighter. Lift her up and give her hope. Send her angels to protect her.”

And he did. Over time she began to heal from the hurt. It didn’t stop the attacks but she grew stronger than them. Her angels gave her peace and strength. She turned her burden over to God, one by one.

Now she still does her work, with the same selfless attitude as always but the burden is lighter. Her heart is not full of sadness but full of love, hope and compassion.

The End

Healing comes from within. Strength comes from struggles. Fight the good fight and come out victorious.

I love you. You are the rock in my desert that keeps me on that path. Whatever it is you struggle with, I am there with you. Making your burden lighter.

Hugs. Gentle ones.

I am so grateful  for emails that say “Hello” that end up healing my heart.


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