Calls In The Night

I worked for the telephone company for years, causing me to hate speaking on the telephone.

Sometimes when my mother would call, I would go to her house instead of speaking on the phone.

There are often times I wonder if my mother looked forward to my random calls at night, as much as I do of those from my daughter.

Where you hear Hey mom……

And you speak for hours about absolutely nothing, but it ends up being the best phone call you ever had.

My daughter cracks me up, she makes me laugh and smile with her wit and sarcastic sense of humor.

She is like her father that way…she inheritied his sense of humor and my strength of coping… it turned out to be the best of both of us.

You know sometimes you meet someone who becomes your best friend forever and sometimes you give birth to them.

I often wonder did my mom feel the same.

Sometimes I am grateful to hear the telephone ring.


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