A Day In The Park

We have a park near our house…small quiet and peaceful.

I ‘ve  wanted to go, but haven’t made the time nor do I enjoy going by myself.

Well today I had company… Tom and I went…

Who is Tom you ask?

About a month ago I heard my dogs barking uncontrollably when I went outside I found a big box turtle in the yard.

I gathered him up, took him to the vacant property next door. Problem solved.

Then a week later it was the same scenario, so I gathered him up again taking him across the street, putting him in the ditch.

Today I hear them again and go to investigate and there is “Tom”

I felt so sorry for him. He was hiding inside his shell, my dogs are going insane. So once again I gather him up.

I put him in a broken flower-pot… till I decide his new destination.

The park runs along the bayou… maybe he would be happy there.

So there we go, Tom, the broken flower-pot and me to the park.

I walked all around the park looking for the “perfect” spot, not really sure where it would be, but knowing I would know  when I seen it.

I found an area by the gazebo, nice and shaded. The grass was cut and not too close to the bayou.

Don’t laugh but yes I was worried he would go off the side and drown!

So I finally let him out of the pot… sitting there waiting and watching.

Finally he peeks his head out and looks around.

Then he slowly began to crawl….then faster… well as fast as a turtle can!

He went to go across the bridge and I tried to take one more picture of him but he was gone, in that instant, he was gone.

Now I am left to wonder did he fall off the cliff and end up in the water?

Today I am grateful to be me, with all my faults and imperfections….

I’m glad I am who I am… someone who cares enough to save a turtle named Tom.


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