You’ve Got To Be Joking!

Lets go back to yesterday and the story of saving the turtle “Tom.”

When my husband got home last night. I shared my great adventure to the park and saving Tom.

He looked at me all seriously and said… you should be ashamed of yourself.

I looked confused, heck I spent a lot of effort saving him!

He said well now his “family” will be out looking for him tomorrow. You broke up his family.
Instantly of course I felt bad and began to worry about this. Dumb, I know… how silly can I be.

Well I wondered about this and then he busted out laughing and said Hell Cookie I was just playing with you.

It’s now 4:30 pm and lo and behold my dogs start barking again. So I go outside to check, knowing full well I wouldn’t be seeing a turtle!

Figured it was a little cat or maybe a stray dog… we have a few here every day.

Well let me tell you, God has a sense of humor too!

There in the middle of my front yard is Mrs. Tom the turtle!

Crawling around my yard and driveway, now parked nicely under my car. As if to say, I know you took my hubby off, TAKE ME TO HIM RIGHT NOW!

I mean really? What are the odds?

Today I am grateful God has a sense of humor and is helping my husband give me a hard time….

Update: Mrs. “Tom” has been moved to the park… hopefully they will be reunited! If there are any more turtles found tomorrow…well they are on their own!


One thought on “You’ve Got To Be Joking!

  1. that is too funny. you are soo sweet! i read these to my girls. 🙂 my girls want me to tell you about their turtle from last summer. they named him blair–after their uncle. 🙂 we found him in the road. they were soo worried he would be run over. so we held onto him for an hour before deciding where to put him…went and “rehomed” him not too far from where we had found him…incase his family was close by then they would find each other again. 🙂 what a sweet heart you are!!

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