Night Lights

I find my self in a place I haven’t been in for a very long time. A place of darkness, struggles, and loss of hope.

When I went to bed last night I confided to my husband where my thoughts have been lately,

He leaned over in the bed and gently hugged me, and when he did that is when I seen it.

On the wall and in all its glory.

I have a scentsy warmer in the bathroom and living room, that I keep on at all times.

They make wonderful night lights..

On the sides of the warmers are small round holes… but when they hit the wall… the light that shines against it is heart-shaped.

Just like magic…

Reminding me when I hit that wall, which I will do many more times before my life is over.

I need to look deep inside my heart to find that little glimmer of hope that will light my way through  the darkness.

Today I am grateful for warmers that display hearts all through my home when it is dark.


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