Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays, because my husband is off work and we can be lazy.

I woke up late, something I rarely ever do.

The day was quiet due to the weather.

My husband decided he would go to Northern Equipment, his favorite store.

When he came back he was grinning like a cat who caught the bird!

I said, Oh Lord, what did you buy!

He says you just wait. An hour later he called me downstairs. There he was, grinning, standing beside a green wagon.

He said look what I got you!

He bought me a little wagon. When I buy groceries, I have to go from the car thru the garage to the backyard to the back stairs, and up stairs to the backdoor. I grocery shop about once a month, trying to do it all in one day, which make for a lot of trips from the car.

He knows how much I struggle and tried to make the chore so much easier.

I can use it to haul water when I water the plants!

I can use it to carry my bird and squirrel food!

I am so excited and touched beyond words…

Today I am grateful for my husband who loves me enough to think of ways to make my life easier.


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