Reaching For The Sky

To many this will seem insignificant but to me it was like reaching for the sky and touching the stars!

When I grocery shop I have to ask someone to get something off the top shelf for me.

It’s always embarrassing for me, but unavoidable.

There she was, on isle three, looking at the top shelf as if it was a million miles away, understanding that feeling I could feel her pain.

I tried my best not to notice her or to be noticed.

Miss, Miss, will you do me a favor? How many times had I said that over the past few years.

I turned to look at her with regret in my eyes, and the words on the tip of my tongue…

I ended up saying sure, knowing full well, I haven’t been able to reach the top shelf for many years.

I was shocked when I reached the item, and handed it to her.

Painful? Hell yes. But I was so ecstatic at the smile and gratitude in her eyes that I barely noticed.

Today I am grateful for that moment in time, I was able to reach for the sky.


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