By The Grace of God

It was a year ago today, that I sat in a waiting room wondering if my daughter was going to live.

My daughter had been born with a thyroid goiter and at the suggestion of many doctors it was not removed.

We were able to control it with medications over the years.

Until now.. it began growing rapidly causing her to choke, not being able to swallow food and struggling to breathe.

Doctors informed us we had 72 hours to have it removed or she would die.

Would be able to find a surgeon and if we did, would be able to find a hospital to take her?

Like many people in this country, my daughter doesn’t have medical insurance.

By the Grace of God we were able to find a surgeon who only charged us for his hospital charges and a his hospital agreed to take her.

She has struggled terribly the past year, her thyroid which was cancerous was removed, causing a new hell to begin. For every step she has made forward she has taken two steps back, but she bravely continues taking those steps.

Today I am grateful for a doctor and a hospital that let their kindness and compassion over rule their need for money.


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