Sleeping Beauty? ” Not”

If you ever wonder how important sleep is, try going years with out it.

I have not had a full night’s sleep in since 1997. A full nights sleep for me is anything close to five hours.

Since 2001 I have not been able to lay in my bed, without being in so much pain, that I ever cried or moaned.

The past 9 years I have used the aid of sleeping pills to manage to sleep and even then it was not a peaceful sleep.

I usually take my sleeping pill, sit on the sit of the bed and wait……

When I am finally groggy enough I will lay down on the bed, the pain is unbearable.

The past year has gotten worse. I tried pillows under my knees, and between my thighs.. horrible.

When you are not able to bend or be flexible it’s difficult to manage a bed.

While my husband and I were looking at new couches, we tried out some beds.  No luck.

Then my husband suggested we get a bed that goes up and down… I said really? You rob a bank?

So the sales man showed us several, you have no idea how humiliating it is to make yourself vulnerable in public. Everyone ends up noticing the lady who can’t bend and can’t hold back moans of pain when getting up and down off the bed.

I was ready to leave and close to tears… but it’s my life and sadly I am used to it.

Then all the sudden I found one that I could actually lay on, and not feel every bone in my body ache.

It was actually comfortable and I was NOT drugged!

This was it…. now for the right time..

Well my husband surprised me yesterday, with a sofa, rocker and THIS WONDERFUL BED.

For the first time in 9 years, I slept drug free.

I went to bed around midnight and did NOT wake up till 10:00 A.M.

It was wonderful to be able to raise your head up, and have no acid reflux. It was wonderful to raise your legs up and the pain in your hip be minimum.

Sleeping Beauty I’m not but rested I am!

Today I am grateful for the blessing of peaceful sleep. I pray it last for a while.


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