Simple Kindness

Simple Kindness. Is there really a such thing as “simple” kindness.

There is no such thing as simple kindness, only kindness exist, and that is never simple.

Last night I was bitten by mosquitos and this morning I woke up to find my left leg  swollen, hot to touch and blood-red.

Due to Ankylosing Spondylitis and remicade, it makes it difficult to keep my legs shaved, due to difficulties and infections.

So I don’t do it as often, as the woman inside  me wants.

Well needless to say this doctor visit was in between times.

When Dr. Mike asked me to show him my bites, I became embarrassed to the point I began to cry. My husband was shocked because he is quick to tell everyone I am the strongest person  he knows.

Dr. Mike was confused and distraught over my reaction and the gentle kindness in the way he handled himself to find out what was wrong and his compassion toward me after he found out was something I will never forget and will always treasure.

Today I am grateful for the gesture of simple kindness.


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