I love sitting on my front porch, sipping  iced tea, in the evenings watching the sun set and the world settling down. It has always been such a peaceful time for me, as are sunrises.

I had been sitting outside for about 15 minutes when I finally noticed him, sitting there so quietly among the limbs of the tree, just watching.

My heart leaped with joy being so close to such a beautiful creature, one I had never seen before in real life.

He was only about 7 to 10 feet away from me sitting on the limb, just watching me closely. We sat that way for about 30 minutes or more, just observing each other.

I quietly spoke to him amazed that he didn’t seem afraid of me.

I finally got up  and went into the house to get my camera.

When I came back, he was still there.

I sat down, he was watching my every move. I decided now I would take his picture, he seemed to be posing.

That is when Ms. Kitty (my dog) noticed him through the glass door and began to bark…. he hesitated and then flew away.

I will look for him again and maybe one day I will be blessed to get a picture.

Today I am grateful for that beautiful creature to feel so at ease with me and trusted me enough to visit with me.

He has come back on Tuesday 7/24/2012 Wednesday 7/25/2012


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