Beautiful Smiles

My granny used to tell me to always smile, you never knew who needed your smile for the day.

Smiles For Kids

“Smiles for Kids” is a fundraising project that we are doing for kids that have to stay in the hospital for a long time.  They can’t go outside to play or have friends visit them so they need something to do while they have to stay there.

We would like to get other people involved to spread awareness and so we can raise the funds needed to purchase toys and other things that the kids would want.

It is important to help others in need because they are not as fortunate as we are. We feel it is our turn to give back to those who could use the help.

With the proceeds of our fundraiser, we will buy coloring books and crayons, craft sets, stuffed animals, and iTunes Gift Cards (for the older kids).  Our three local hospitals have expressed an immediate need for these items.

Our friends and family are buying  buttons for $2.00 each and displaying proudly on their backpacks, clothes, or lunchboxes that they support “Smiles for Kids”.  You can, too, by becoming a fan.

Thank you!
Jordan and Josh

Today I am grateful for two young men, who are changing the world one smile at a time.


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