21 Days Of Blessings

For twenty-one days straight Ollie as I affectionately call him, has flown into my yard every night just like clock work.

So every evening I go and sit in a chair about twenty feet away from Ollie’s favorite tree, and patiently wait for him to fly in.

Tonight when I sat down, he flew away and my heart broke thinking I was going to miss him tonight. When I looked up to watch him fly away I noticed that he was sitting in the tree. I looked to the sky and sure enough Ollie had trusted me enough to bless me with his friend.

I honestly can’t find the words to tell you what comes over me, when I watch that beautiful creature fly into my yard, land on his spot and look down at me, like oh you again.

Today I am grateful that for whatever reason, God and Mother nature has seen fit to give me twenty-one days of blessings, my soul will never be the same.


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