Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Today was a day of AS Brain Fog in the best form!

I decided to make me a pot of coffee and went back to working on my blog at the time.

The wonderful smell of coffee filled the air, and I sighed in anticipation…. my head filled of warmth, sweetness and content.

Then when I walked over to the counter I noticed something on the floor by the cabinets I keep the colas in, thinking at once one had exploded.

I opened the cabinet and seen brown liquid dripping.. Dripping???
That is when I noticed the Niagara falls running off my counter tops… onto the floor and beyond.

Have you ever wondered just how far a pot of coffee can go? Well let me tell you to the moon and back!

You see I made the pot of coffee and forgot to put the glass container underneath…  Tea anyone??

Today I am grateful for dogs who love coffee, mops and linoleum floors!


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