I Like Me!

They are such drama queens, they need a life they are not going to save the world  like they think they are! They are attention seekers and attention seeking wh*res. This comment has haunted me since Nov. 27,2011 because it was said about me by someone who doesn’t even know me.  I find it sad that people can have such hatred for people they don’t even know. How does one carry such hatred and ugliness in your heart and live?

The funny thing about this statement is that the only thing that honestly hurt me, was the comment that I need a life and I am not going to save the world like I think I am. I wonder why she thought I wanted to save the world? I wonder how she thinks changes in the world happen? Doesn’t every good or bad thing in life begin with one person’s thought? I know that one person can make a difference and change the world, and how sadly ignorant of those who think you can’t.

Honestly did you think one million people woke up one morning and all had the same thought?

Let’s create the plane, let’s create the car, let’s create the phone.. I could go on forever, but I am sure you get my meaning.

At first I fought to prove myself to be a good person, then I remembered it doesn’t matter what people think of you to be true, it is what you KNOW to be true about yourself that matters.

I may never change the world, but I have changed the world for many people.

Today a site I created called The Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis reached 250,000 views, yes you read that right a QUARTER OF A MILLION VIEWS.

I, one person, believing in a cause and purpose and caring for those in my world, did that.

I do have a wonderful life, and every day I am happy to be where I am and know that I am doing my best to make a difference in this world.

Today I am grateful for those who believed in me when you had no reason to, and for those of you who mocked me by allowing me to see the person I really am, but most of all I am grateful to say I like me!

Today I can honestly say… I am making a difference, I am changing lives, and I am creating a life that I was meant to live.


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