My Brother of another mother

My brother-in-law Mike, passed away yesterday afternoon. While sitting in his hospital room, with my sister and niece, my heart became filled with memories. The first day I met him. The times he sat on the swing asking what he could do to win my sister’s heart. The times he would show off in his pride and joy, his barracuda. The time he gave me the big brother speech about falling in love. So many memories.

Today I am grateful for lost keys, that forever changed our lives.

I love you Mike, always have and always will. Rest in peace my brother.

5/21/54        9/7/12

August 2012

“I think too much focus gets put on the ending. It’s not about the ending.

It’s about all the individual moments throughout the course of the journey.

A life should not be defined by its last moments. It should be defined by all its moments.”

~ David Shore

A Life Remembered

Dear Mike, What words do you say, to express all the emotions in one’s heart. I remember the day we all met, and you saying you were a Lost Knight in shining armor, to save the damsels in distress. You always did your best to make us laugh. I love you. I always have and always will. I hope that you find peace and a wonderful fishing spot. Save a spot for me. Rest in peace, my brother of another mother. All my love Cookie


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