Freedom Of Choice

My dear friend Jack Cobb III just said…Now is time to put our differences aside and rebuild our Great Country! That is so true.
For me personally it is a  heartbreaking time for me, not because of who won or who lost in the presidential race but because of what we have lost as a nation.

“United” States of America? I don’t think so.

I could go on and on, but it makes no difference in what I say… I have lost hope in what I have witnessed amongst families, friends, co workers and support groups, the ugliness and hatefulness and disrespect simply because we still have the freedom of choice.

Something that should be reverend, it is one of the few privileges we still have in this great country. I am at such a loss, why people want the freedom of choice and the right to believe in what they choose, but show such hatred when someone exercises the same rights, but chooses differently from you. Heartbreaking.

I will always Stand up for what I believe in and I will always believe in others Standing up for what they believe in, I just refuse to disrespect anyone for practicing the same right that I believe in so strongly and for what this country has fought so hard for.

I  remember as a young adult, all of us sitting around discussing our politics and listening to each others points and views and walking away more informed but as we have become more “civilized” we have lost the ability to be open-minded, respectful and compassionate and it frightens me, to know what my grandchildren will endure in this country that has lost not only its heart but has no soul left.

Today I pray that our nation moves forward and becomes the UNITED states of America and work on becoming the great nation we used to be.

My beautiful friend Jennifer LeBlanc states it so beautifully. Here is her one political post for 2012:

The great American eagle can only fly with the dedication of both the left wing and the right wing. Hoping both the citizens and leaders of the {United} States can come together to work for our future and the common good.

I wish you all peace, happiness and hope. God bless you all and for those who do not believe in God, blessings to you my friends.
Today I am grateful to live in a country where I still have the freedom to choose.


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