My Brother’s Keeper

When I was a young girl, my Granny Irene would read the bible to me, and would tell me, now remember Cookie you are your brother’s keeper. It means to be there for people who need you, to help people who need it, to do anything you are possibly able to do for others, with no thought of reward and praise. Do what your heart tells you too, doesn’t have to be much, a kind word, a smile, a listening ear and compassionate heart, if you have the ability to do more than do so, but remember just being there is sometimes the most expensive gift you will every give, at least for some, because they care that deeply.   Please take care of each other, when it is said and done, that is all you have in this life and all that honestly matters.
Remember every act of kindness no matter how large or small, has a ripple effect, it touches the person you touched, it touches you and those touched by you will reach out and touch others, and the kindness moves forward till one day you will be touched by someone who was once touched by you.
Today I am grateful for the kindness of others.

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