A Gentle Giant

November 15, 2002 my husband found the cutest little puppy wandering down a major highway. It had only been a couple of weeks since we had put our beloved Wrinkles of twenty years to sleep. My husband called and said I found a puppy. I am bringing him to the shop and we are going to find his owner and if we don’t, WE ARE NOT KEEPING HIM! I said alright dear.

After weeks of finding wonderful people to adopt him and my husband kept saying no, it was obvious this beautiful baby would be staying in our family. We did continue trying to find his original owners though. We decided to name him Rufus… we called him  Ruf er tin  as a nickname sometimes.

He grew up to be a beautiful 150 pound Gentle Giant, amazingly gentle with every animal, child or person who came into his life. He was never any trouble and one of the best behaved dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

He was a wonderful friend, companion, watch dog, and big brother.

Sadly last night November 14, 2012, almost ten years to the day that this baby walked into our lives, he left us.

Rest in peace my Gentle Giant….

Today I am grateful for the love of such a sweet baby for ten blessed years.

     November 15, 2002 – November 14, 2012


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