Band Aids Do A Heart Good

Band Aids are designed to make boo boo’s feel better.  People sometimes ask me how I manage to be so happy and positive most of the time. Please note the most of the time that is crucial information. So I decided to share some things I do on an everyday basis or just part of my routine in life.

I know most of you will think how silly or simple this is, and maybe it is, but it helps me and that is what is most important. You know what they say don’t knock it till you try it, and then knock yourself out.

I made the comment that this was not a “cure” but my sweet friend Jackie reminded me band aids save lives.

I am not a Pro Positive Person or a Pro Negative Person either; I am just a realistic person who does what she can to make the best out of any situation that may arise in my life or my life in general.

We all share so many survival tips in dealing with doctors, chronic illness, and medicines or in dealing with the difficulties in our lives. So I am going to share my survival tips in dealing with my spiritual being and the emotional side of me.

Before you make the judgment of yeah well you have no clue how hard my life is, or that is easy for you to say remember I have been in a place so dark, I attempted suicide, and I have survived many tragedies and hardships just like everyone else, but I have decided to use as many band aids as I can to make me feel better.

Every day I open my curtains. Rain or shine. I figure if I can’t be outside and be a part of that world. I can enjoy it from the comforts or my home. I love looking out the windows and seeing the beauty of nature.

You know those cool coffee mugs, the kids give you… Number one mom,  Nanny’s are great, You will always be my friend because you know too much… yeah those, the ones you have up on the top shelf cabinet. Dust those suckers off and use them! Every morning I have coffee in one of those colorful and silly mugs, what better way to start the day, but by reading My Mom is like a great bra, supportive, never leaves me hanging, makes me look good, and is always close to my heart.

I also buy a fancy flavored coffee creamer, and use it every other day. The flavor of the month is York mint patti. It is silly but there is just something wonderful about sitting on the front porch, side porch, back porch or any dang place I want…. Sipping on rich warm coffee mixed with mint flavor… it’s just a small treat I give myself. Can’t wait for next week’s flavor!

I love the smell of cookies baking, or warm cinnamon nothing better than the smells coming from the kitchen; unfortunately I don’t bake often, mainly because I don’t need it!

So I keep a Scentsy warmer in every room of the house, and every morning I turn them on, and a couple of hours, everyone says dang that smells good! When I get ready to go to bed I turn them all off and in the morning I pop them out of the container and put a new smell of the day on! That way you always smell something and it is never the same. I put them in baggies and save them for another time. I love the warmers because of the safety factors and the fact that they are beautiful to look at.

When I can I buy the smallest bottles of bubble bath I can, so that way I can have all different type of smells. As silly as it sounds, I make bath time a big deal, not shower time but bathtub time!

I always turn out the lights and make sure the scentsy warmer is on and use bubble bath to soak in the tub in soft lighting and wonderful smells. I close my eyes and think about the ocean or day spa, or something wonderful and let my surroundings take over. It is one of my favorite times, my hubby laughs at me but sometimes he will turn off the light and just use the light from the warmer, MAYBE one day I can get him to do a bubble bath!  I try to make it a “treat” me time.

Life is hard and for those with chronic illnesses it’s rare we get treated, due to pain, no time or money is short, so for me the little things like this I do, make up for that.


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