No Matter What

My life has been difficult and so has many other’s lives, but I work hard every single day to find something to be grateful for, to focus on and help me through the difficult times.

Today I am grateful that there has always been something to find.

Daddy’s Home

If you want to see a house come alive, just whisper the words….”Daddy’s Home.”

Today was a quiet day, filled with sadness, mingled with happy memories. It was a day of quiet support and comforting. We spent the day getting into a new routine of one less baby.

I quietly watched from the kitchen, as “Daddy” and all his babies surrounded him on the bed watching television, seeking the reassurance that everything would be okay. I am just not sure who was reassuring who.

Today I am grateful for a “tough” boy who grew into a gentle spirited man, who loves so deeply, that even during his football game, he offers to comfort animals who need his healing touch.

A House In Mourning

People who believe animals do not have feelings, should be at my house during this time. There is no playing, running or barking… we are truly a house of mourning. Rufus, was the oldest of our furry babies and everyone loved this gentle giant, especially his brother Wally and sisters, Kitty and Daisy, and the newest member Poopsie seemed to love him too.

Today was especially quiet because  I couldn’t find them all and was worried about where they where. My search ending finding Wally and Kitty  surrounding the lift and Daisy and Poopsie  laying on the lift as if waiting for Rufus to magically appear.

Rufus was the only one who used the lift, so the significance of where they were spending their time was not lost on me. (My husband had built the lift for Rufus to bring him upstairs to the living quarters of our home.)

I went outside and sat on the ground beside them and they all moved to get closer to me, and there we sat, soaking up the sun as if to warm our hurting souls, our tears being dried by the winds and  our hearts seeking healing from the pain that now filled them.

Today I am grateful to have been blessed by these beautiful creatures that know no bounds of unconditional love.

A Gentle Giant

November 15, 2002 my husband found the cutest little puppy wandering down a major highway. It had only been a couple of weeks since we had put our beloved Wrinkles of twenty years to sleep. My husband called and said I found a puppy. I am bringing him to the shop and we are going to find his owner and if we don’t, WE ARE NOT KEEPING HIM! I said alright dear.

After weeks of finding wonderful people to adopt him and my husband kept saying no, it was obvious this beautiful baby would be staying in our family. We did continue trying to find his original owners though. We decided to name him Rufus… we called him  Ruf er tin  as a nickname sometimes.

He grew up to be a beautiful 150 pound Gentle Giant, amazingly gentle with every animal, child or person who came into his life. He was never any trouble and one of the best behaved dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

He was a wonderful friend, companion, watch dog, and big brother.

Sadly last night November 14, 2012, almost ten years to the day that this baby walked into our lives, he left us.

Rest in peace my Gentle Giant….

Today I am grateful for the love of such a sweet baby for ten blessed years.

     November 15, 2002 – November 14, 2012

My Brother’s Keeper

When I was a young girl, my Granny Irene would read the bible to me, and would tell me, now remember Cookie you are your brother’s keeper. It means to be there for people who need you, to help people who need it, to do anything you are possibly able to do for others, with no thought of reward and praise. Do what your heart tells you too, doesn’t have to be much, a kind word, a smile, a listening ear and compassionate heart, if you have the ability to do more than do so, but remember just being there is sometimes the most expensive gift you will every give, at least for some, because they care that deeply.   Please take care of each other, when it is said and done, that is all you have in this life and all that honestly matters.
Remember every act of kindness no matter how large or small, has a ripple effect, it touches the person you touched, it touches you and those touched by you will reach out and touch others, and the kindness moves forward till one day you will be touched by someone who was once touched by you.
Today I am grateful for the kindness of others.